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I love working in the shell. Mastery of shell lets you get things done in seconds, rather than minutes or hours, if you chose to write a program instead.

In this article I’d like to explain the top one-liners from the commandlinefu.com. It’s a user-driven website where people get to choose the best and most useful shell one-liners.

But before I do that, I want to take the opportunity and link to a few of my articles that I wrote some time ago on working efficiently in the command line:

Working Efficiently in Bash (Part I).
Working Efficiently in Bash (Part II).
The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History.
A fun article on Set Operations in the Shell.
Another fun article on Solving Google Treasure Hunt in the Shell.
Update: Russian translation now available.

And now the explanation of top one-liners from commandlinefu.

#1. Run the last command as root

$ sudo !!
We all know what the sudo command does – it runs the command as another user, in this case, it runs the command as superuser because no other user was specified. But what’s really interesting is the bang-bang !! part of the command. It’s called the event designator. An event designator references a command in shell’s history. In this case the event designator references the previous command. Writing !! is the same as writing !-1. The -1 refers to the last command. You can generalize it, and write !-n to refer to the n-th previous command. To view all your previous commands, type history.

This one-liner is actually really bash-specific, as event designators are a feature of bash.

I wrote about event designators in much more detail in my article “The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History.” The article also comes with a printable cheat sheet for working with the history.

#2. Serve the current directory at http://localhost:8000/

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
This one-liner starts a web server on port 8000 with the contents of current directory on all the interfaces (address, not just localhost. If you have “index.html” or “index.htm” files, it will serve those, otherwise it will list the contents of the currently working directory.

It works because python comes with a standard module called SimpleHTTPServer. The -m argument makes python to search for a module named SimpleHTTPServer.py in all the possible system locations (listed in sys.path and $PYTHONPATH shell variable). Once found, it executes it as a script. If you look at the source code of this module, you’ll find that this module tests if it’s run as a script if __name__ == ‘__main__’, and if it is, it runs the test() method that makes it run a web server in the current directory.

To use a different port, specify it as the next argument:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
This command runs a HTTP server on all local interfaces on port 8080.

#3. Save a file you edited in vim without the needed permissions

:w !sudo tee %
This happens to me way too often. I open a system config file in vim and edit it just to find out that I don’t have permissions to save it. This one-liner saves the day. Instead of writing the while to a temporary file :w /tmp/foobar and then moving the temporary file to the right destination mv /tmp/foobar /etc/service.conf, you now just type the one-liner above in vim and it will save the file.

Here is how it works, if you look at the vim documentation (by typing :he :w in vim), you’ll find the reference to the command :w !{cmd} that says that vim runs {cmd} and passes it the contents of the file as standard input. In this one-liner the {cmd} part is the sudo tee % command. It runs tee % as superuser. But wait, what is %? Well, it’s a read-only register in vim that contains the filename of the current file! Therefore the command that vim executes becomes tee current_filename, with the current directory being whatever the current_file is in. Now what does tee do? The tee command takes standard input and write it to a file! Rephrasing, it takes the contents of the file edited in vim, and writes it to the file (while being root)! All done!

#4. Change to the previous working directory

$ cd –
Everyone knows this, right? The dash “-” is short for “previous working directory.” The previous working directory is defined by $OLDPWD shell variable. After you use the cd command, it sets the $OLDPWD environment variable, and then, if you type the short version cd -, it effectively becomes cd $OLDPWD and changes to the previous directory.

To change to a directory named “-“, you have to either cd to the parent directory and then do cd ./- or do cd /full/path/to/-.

#5. Run the previous shell command but replace string “foo” with “bar”

$ ^foo^bar^
This is another event designator. This one is for quick substitution. It replaces foo with bar and repeats the last command. It’s actually a shortcut for !!:s/foo/bar/. This one-liner applies the s modifier to the !! event designator. As we learned from one-liner #1, the !! event designator stands for the previous command. Now the s modifier stands for substitute (greetings to sed) and it substitutes the first word with the second word.

Note that this one-liner replaces just the first word in the previous command. To replace all words, add the g modifer (g for global):

$ !!:gs/foo/bar
This one-liner is also bash-specific, as event designators are a feature of bash.

Again, see my article “The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History.” I explain all this stuff in great detail.

#6. Quickly backup or copy a file

$ cp filename{,.bak}
This one-liner copies the file named filename to a file named filename.bak. Here is how it works. It uses brace expansion to construct a list of arguments for the cp command. Brace expansion is a mechanism by which arbitrary strings may be generated. In this one-liner filename{,.bak} gets brace expanded to filename filename.bak and puts in place of the brace expression. The command becomes cp filename filename.bak and file gets copied.

Talking more about brace expansion, you can do all kinds of combinatorics with it. Here is a fun application:

$ echo {a,b,c}{a,b,c}{a,b,c}
It generates all the possible strings 3-letter from the set {a, b, c}:

aaa aab aac aba abb abc aca acb acc
baa bab bac bba bbb bbc bca bcb bcc
caa cab cac cba cbb cbc cca ccb ccc
And here is how to generate all the possible 2-letter strings from the set of {a, b, c}:

$ echo {a,b,c}{a,b,c}
It produces:

aa ab ac ba bb bc ca cb cc
If you liked this, you may also like my article where I defined a bunch of set operations (such as intersection, union, symmetry, powerset, etc) by using just shell commands. The article is called “Set Operations in the Unix Shell.” (And since I have sets in the shell, I will soon write articles on on “Combinatorics in the Shell” and “Algebra in the Shell”. Fun topics to explore. Perhaps even “Topology in the Shell” :))

#7. mtr – traceroute and ping combined

$ mtr google.com
MTR, bettern known as “Matt’s Traceroute” combines both traceroute and ping command. After each successful hop, it sends a ping request to the found machine, this way it produces output of both traceroute and ping to better understand the quality of link. If it finds out a packet took an alternative route, it displays it, and by default it keeps updating the statistics so you knew what was going on in real time.

#8. Find the last command that begins with “whatever,” but avoid running it

$ !whatever:p
Another use of event designators. The !whatever designator searches the shell history for the most recently executed command that starts with whatever. But instead of executing it, it prints it. The :p modifier makes it print instead of executing.

This one-liner is bash-specific, as event designators are a feature of bash.

Once again, see my article “The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History.” I explain all this stuff in great detail.

#9. Copy your public-key to remote-machine for public-key authentication

$ ssh-copy-id remote-machine
This one-liner copies your public-key, that you generated with ssh-keygen (either SSHv1 file identity.pub or SSHv2 file id_rsa.pub) to the remote-machine and places it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. This ensures that the next time you try to log into that machine, public-key authentication (commonly referred to as “passwordless authentication.”) will be used instead of the regular password authentication.

If you wished to do it yourself, you’d have to take the following steps:

your-machine$ scp ~/.ssh/identity.pub remote-machine:
your-machine$ ssh remote-machine
remote-machine$ cat identity.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
This one-liner saves a great deal of typing. Actually I just found out that there was a shorter way to do it:

your-machine$ ssh remote-machine ‘cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys’ < .ssh/identity.pub
#10. Capture video of a linux desktop

$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -s wxga -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq /tmp/out.mpg
A pure coincidence, I have done so much video processing with ffmpeg that I know what most of this command does without looking much in the manual.

The ffmpeg generally can be descibed as a command that takes a bunch of options and the last option is the output file. In this case the options are -f x11grab -s wxga -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq and the output file is /tmp/out.mpg.

Here is what the options mean:

-f x11grab makes ffmpeg to set the input video format as x11grab. The X11 framebuffer has a specific format it presents data in and it makes ffmpeg to decode it correctly.
-s wxga makes ffmpeg to set the size of the video to wxga which is shortcut for 1366×768. This is a strange resolution to use, I’d just write -s 800×600.
-r 25 sets the framerate of the video to 25fps.
-i :0.0 sets the video input file to X11 display 0.0 at localhost.
-sameq preserves the quality of input stream. It’s best to preserve the quality and post-process it later.
You can also specify ffmpeg to grab display from another x-server by changing the -i :0.0 to -i host:0.0.

If you’re interested in ffmpeg, here are my other articles on ffmpeg that I wrote while ago:

How to Extract Audio Tracks from YouTube Videos
Converting YouTube Flash Videos to a Better Format with ffmpeg
PS. This article was so fun to write, that I decided to write several more parts. Tune in the next time for “The Next Top Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explained” :)

Have fun. See ya!

PSS. Follow me on twitter for updates.

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netstat -tulnp (监测端口)

1. 更友好的显示当前挂载的文件系统

mount | column -t

这条命令适用于任何文件系统,column 用于把输出结果进行列表格式化操作,这里最主要的目的是让大家熟悉一下 columnt 的用法。

下面是单单使用 mount 命令的结果:

$ mount

/dev/root on / type ext3 (rw)
/proc on /proc type proc (rw)
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-home on /home type ext3 (rw,noatime)

而加了 column -t 命令后就成为这样了:

$ mount | column -t

/dev/root on / type ext3 (rw)
/proc on /proc type proc (rw)
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-home on /home type ext3 (rw,noatime)


$ (echo “DEVICE – PATH – TYPE FLAGS” && mount) | column -t

/dev/root on / type ext3 (rw)
/proc on /proc type proc (rw)
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-home on /home type ext3 (rw,noatime)

列2和列4并不是很友好,我们可以用 awk 来再处理一下

$ (echo “DEVICE PATH TYPE FLAGS” && mount | awk ‘$2=$4=””;1′) | column -t

/dev/root / ext3 (rw)
/proc /proc proc (rw)
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-home /home ext3 (rw,noatime)

最后我们可以设置一个别名,为 nicemount

$ nicemount() { (echo “DEVICE PATH TYPE FLAGS” && mount | awk ‘$2=$4=””;1′) | column -t; }


$ nicemount

/dev/root / ext3 (rw)
/proc /proc proc (rw)
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-home /home ext3 (rw,noatime)

2. 运行前一个 Shell 命令,同时用 “bar” 替换掉命令行中的每一个 “foo”


!! 表示重复执行上一条命令,并用 :gs/foo/bar 进行替换操作。

关于 !! 这个用法在前一篇文章中已有详细的介绍。

3. 实时某个目录下查看最新改动过的文件

watch -d -n 1 ‘df; ls -FlAt /path’

在使用这条命令时你需要替换其中的 /path 部分,watch 是实时监控工具,-d 参数会高亮显示变化的区域,-n 1 参数表示刷新间隔为 1 秒。

df; ls -FlAt /path 运行了两条命令,df 是输出磁盘使用情况,ls -FlAt 则列出 /path 下面的所有文件。

ls -FlAt 的参数详解:

-F 在文件后面加一个文件符号表示文件类型,共有 */=>@| 这几种类型,* 表示可执行文件,/ 表示目录,= 表示接口( sockets) ,> 表示门, @ 表示符号链接, | 表示管道。
-l 以列表方式显示
-A 显示 . 和 ..
-t 根据时间排序文件

4. 通过 SSH 挂载远程主机上的文件夹

sshfs name@server:/path/to/folder /path/to/mount/point

这条命令可以让你通过 SSH 加载远程主机上的文件系统为本地磁盘,前提是你需要安装 FUSE 及 sshfs 这两个软件。

译者注:关于 sshfs 实际上我之前写过一篇文章介绍过,详见”在 Ubuntu 上使用 sshfs 映射远程 ssh 文件系统为本地磁盘“。

卸载的话使用 fusermount 命令:

fusermount -u /path/to/mount/point

5. 通过 DNS 来读取 Wikipedia 的词条

dig +short txt <keyword>.wp.dg.cx

这也许是最有趣的一条技巧了,David Leadbeater 创建了一个 DNS 服务器,通过它当你查询一个 TXT 记录类型时,会返回一条来自于 Wikipedia 的简短的词条文字,这是他的介绍

这里有一个样例,来查询 “hacker” 的含义:

$ dig +short txt hacker.wp.dg.cx

“Hacker may refer to: Hacker (computer security), someone involved
in computer security/insecurity, Hacker (programmer subculture), a
programmer subculture originating in the US academia in the 1960s,
which is nowadays mainly notable for the free software/” “open
source movement, Hacker (hobbyist), an enthusiastic home computer
hobbyist http://a.vu/w:Hacker

这里使用了 dig 命令,这是标准的用来查询 DNS 的系统管理工具,+short 参数是让其仅仅返回文字响应,txt 则是指定查询 TXT 记录类型。


wiki() { dig +short txt $1.wp.dg.cx; }


$ wiki hacker

“Hacker may refer to: Hacker (computer security), …”

如果你不想用 dig ,也可以用 host 命令:

host -t txt hacker.wp.dg.cx

6. 用 Wget 的递归方式下载整个网站



– -random-wait 等待 0.5 到 1.5 秒的时间来进行下一次请求
-r 开启递归检索
-e robots=off 忽略 robots.txt
-U Mozilla 设置 User-Agent 头为 Mozilla


– -limit-rate=20K 限制下载速度为 20K
-o logfile.txt 记录下载日志
-l 0 删除深度(默认为5)
–wait=1h 每下载一个文件后等待1小时

7. 复制最后使用的命令中的参数

ALT + . (or ESC + .)

这个快捷键只能工作于 shell 的 emacs 编辑模式,它可以从最后使用的命令行中复制参数到当前命令行中,下面是一个样例:

$ echo a b c
a b c

$ echo <Press ALT + .>
$ echo c



$ echo 1 2 3
1 2 3
$ echo a b c
a b c

$ echo <Press ALT + .>
$ echo c

$ echo <Press ALT + .> again
$ echo 3

另外,假如你想指定第1个或第2个,或者是第 n 个参数的话,可以按 ALT + 1 (或 ESC + 1) 或 ALT + 2 (或 ESC +2) 这样形式的快捷键。


$ echo a b c
a b c

$ echo <Press ALT + 1> <Press ALT + .>
$ echo a

$ echo <Press ALT + 2> <Press ALT + .>
$ echo b

查看” Emacs Editing Mode Keyboard Shortcuts “ 一文获取更多类似的快捷键。

8. 执行一条命令但不保存到 history 中

<space> command

这条命令可运行于最新的 Bash shell 里,在其它 shell 中没测试过。

通过在命令行前面添加一个空格,就可以阻止这条命令被保存到 bash history (~/.bash_history) 文件中,这个行为可以通过 $HISTIGNORE shell 变量来控制。我的设置是 HISTIGNORE=”&:[ ]*” ,表示不保存重复的命令到 history 中,并且不保存以空格开头的命令行。$HISTIGNORE 中的值以冒号分隔。

如果你对此感兴趣,想深入了解的话,可进一步看此文”The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History

9. 显示当前目录中所有子目录的大小


– -max-depth=1 参数可以让 du 命令显示当前目录下 1 级子目录的统计信息,当然你也可以把 1 改为 2 ,进一步显示 2 级子目录的统计信息,可以灵活运用。而 -h 参数则是以 Mb 、G 这样的单位来显示大小。

译者注:在此推荐一个小工具 ncdu ,可以更方便的达到此效果。

10. 显示消耗内存最多的 10 个运行中的进程,以内存使用量排序

ps aux | sort -nk +4 | tail


这是一个典型的管道应用,通过 ps aux 来输出到 sort 命令,并用 sort 排序列出 4 栏,再进一步转到 tail 命令,最终输出 10 行显示使用内存最多的进程情况。

假如想要发现哪个进程使用了大量内存的话,我通常会使用 htop 或 top 而非 ps 。

额外的:用 python 快速开启一个 SMTP 服务

python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:1025

这是一个用 Python 标准库 smtpd (用 -m smtpd 指定) 实现在简易 SMTP 服务,运行于 1025 端口 。


-n 参数让 Python 不要进行 setuid ( 改变用户)为 “nobody” ,也就是说直接用你的帐号来运行
-c DebuggingServer 参数是让 Python 运行时在屏幕上输出调试及运行信息
localhost:1025 参数则是让 Python 在本地的 1025 端口上开启 SMTP 服务

另外,假如你想让程序运行于标准的 25 的端口上的话,你必须使用 sudo 命令,因为只有 root 才能在 1-1024 端口上开启服务。如下:

sudo python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:25


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